On 4 February 2020 students from Kelab Sains Kimia (KSK) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia visited Chemical Engineering Department at Kampus C Jayabaya University, East Jakarta. Guests were welcomed by representatives of Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Kimia (HIMATEKA), Rico Andreansyah. This activity was initiated by KSK with the aim to promote cultural exchange between Indonesia and Malaysia. This program not only provides opportunities for participants to have international relationship but also increases awareness on global issues.

Exchange Gift by Dr. Yeti Widyawati, S.T.,M.Si (Head of Chemical Engineering-Jayabaya University) to Dr. Nadharatun Naim (Representative form Chemistry Departement-UKM)

International Chemistry Mobility Programme (ICMP) is a platform for KSK members to participate international exchange programme. The purpose of this programme is to produce high-skilled talented and globalized world class leaders and culture exchange values. ICMP serves important purpose in bridging KSK members with international audience. Moreover it also provides golden opportunities build relationship between two countries. During the programme, they exposed on how to handle international-scaled programme.

Photo Session of Participants ICMP

After campus tour, the activity was continued for visiting industry such as Vinilon Plant. Everyone feels happy to get a new knowledge and experience during this visit. “What a wonderful experience. To know other countries education system and culture. We got so much insight from this journey” said Fatihah Diana Aina, 3rd year student.

Contributor : Mubi


FTI Jayabaya adalah sebuah fakultas mandiri dari Universitas Jayabaya. Kampus FTI Jayabaya adalah salah satu kampus dengan reputasi dan kurikulum teknik terbaik di daerah Jabodetabek. Saat ini telah cukup banyak lulusan Kampus FTI Jayabaya yang telah menjadi orang-orang berhasil dalam bidang industri dan wirausaha.

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